The Sun. A gift that

will change your life

Solar panels to harness the sun's energy

Enjoy an inexhaustible


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Solar Panels

Photovoltaic Installations

Solar Pumping

Irrigation / supply


electric infrastructure


Committed to the environment

We are the second generation (and the third in formation) of a family business from Malaga that has specialized in the field of electricity, electronics and telecommunications. Deeply committed to the environment and aware of new technologies, we have developed our own systems of efficiency and energy saving, taking electricity where others do not reach, thus providing consumers with formulas and solutions.
Instalación de paneles solares de Electra Casado

40 years

of experience


We do what others cannot

We design, project and execute turnkey projects, from small solar installations for private or family self-consumption, to large industrial installations for the generation of electricity from renewable sources.

Non stop energy

Solar backup systems Aimed at individuals and industry so that we never run out of electricity even in the event of general outages.

Solar Pumping

From irrigation and supply installations for small wells or swimming pools, to large community facilities or industries.

Home automation

Automate all kinds of processes. With your phone and the best equipment, you will control from air conditioning to cattle feeding.

Aid management

Governmental to companies and individuals. We take care of everything (advice, obtaining permits, relevant licenses and installation).


Large consumers / large savings

With our capacitor bank systems of all power ratings we achieve spectacular savings for large consumers who pay high amounts for reactive energy. With our equipment reactive energy is reduced to zero.

Want to know how much you can save?

Fill in a form with only the necessary information and we will send you a study free of charge.

Demonstrable Warranty

Electracasado offers demonstrable warranties and reflected in contract in all work, as well as extended deadlines in both solar panels and electronic equipment. We have prestigious international brands.
This establishment has obtained a grant co-financed by the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund and the Administration of the Andalusian Regional Government, through the Regional Ministry of Economic Transformation, Industry, Knowledge and Universities.
Subsidies targeted at self-employed or self-employed persons, agricultural self-employed persons and mutual funds ". Modality B: Incorporation of digital marketing strategies in the company's activity.

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