Solar Pumping

The most profitable investment!
Once solar pumping is installed, the customer starts saving on fuel and/or electricity. As it is an automatic system, the customer can devote his time to other activities.
Our solar pumping systems incorporate surveillance cameras and galvanized steel structures that are corrosion, vandalism and theft proof.
IF YOU HAVE WATER AND SUN… Your crop will be more profitable.


It is undoubtedly the system that pays off the fastest when making an investment of this nature.


The system operates autonomously and independently of the electrical grid. It adapts instantly to weather conditions by accelerating or decelerating the motors or pumps, thus always working with a minimum of solar radiation.


This totally autonomous system is ideal for irrigation, water transfers or water purification.


The system will warn you if there is any incidence, lack of water, lack of fertilizer, or tripping due to any technical cause or improper handling.

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