Solar Panels

Any solar panel works optimally in the middle of the day, in summer, and with a radiant sunshine typical of the season. But what about performance on those days when there is little solar radiation? Because that is where the quality of the installed components is noticeable. Our solar panels make the difference by generating more energy and for longer, as they are the most efficient on the market.

We only assemble photovoltaic panels and equipment from leading brands of consolidated quality and guarantee.

Our structures are the strongest and lightest at the same time and come with a lifetime guarantee.

We carry out and facilitate all types of projects, reports, certificates and grants so that our clients do not have to worry about bureaucracy.

We take care of everything.

Maximum performance

Our solar panels are very efficient even on low sunlight days and that is the difference with the rest of the panels on the market, they generate more energy and for longer!


Unmatched value for money. We sacrifice our profit margins to keep the cost to the customer as low as possible. Your return on investment is guaranteed.

Anchors and fasteners

Solo usamos anclajes y fijaciones de máxima fiabilidad, homologadas y tornillería de aceros inoxidables aptos para zonas marítimas. Our structures are the most robust and lightest and are guaranteed for life.

Leading brands

We work exclusively with panels and equipment of the best brands in the market that assure our customers of guaranteed quality products.

Permanent monitoring

We constantly monitor our solar installations and inform our customers about the operation and performance of their photovoltaic plant.


Realizamos todo tipo de proyectos y trámites: memorias técnicas, certificados de instalación y clasificación energética, licencias y permisos municipales, ayudas estatales y autonómicas. We take care of everything!

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